The Pack I belong to


At home, there is a way things flow. When someone asks me what my family is like, I simply respond: connected. At home I feel comfortable talking about many things with my dad, brothers and mom. We work as a web, bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other. We talk and talk and talk and talk for what feels like forever, until we know each other’s stories like the back of our hands. If there’s a problem, we all face it. When one of us is sad, we all shed tears together and feel each other’s pain. When one of us is happy, we all share the pleasant feeling of warmth and laughter as we sing and dance to the songs my parents used to sing when we were little. The songs my dad used, to learn the hispanic language. Those rhythmic songs with words that sound like woven silk in a language we learned as babies.


My mom is like the sun, shining bright, lighting the dark paths for others. She’s always active and laughing at the smallest jokes others make. She’ll try to make you smile when you’re feeling blue, but it’s not her joke that will crack you up, it’s the effort she puts into it. She’s the kind of person who will crank her favourite song up on the radio and sing the memorised lyrics at the top of her lungs.


My dad is like the moon. He’s gentle, but very practical in ways. He sees the world through lenses of knowledge and tells the best stories in the family. He’s up at dawn and doesn’t stop ’till dusk. He’ll have your back, but encourage you to stray from the path and explore the world beyond our sight. he’s the kind of person who isn’t afraid to loosen his reins a little more.


My brothers are like the stars. They’re the same, yet polar opposites in so many ways. They’re always asking questions and looking forward, gathering the most they can. They can become arch-enemies and three seconds later, best friends. They protect each other like no others. They’ll listen to every word you say and support you if they believe its right. They’ll roll down hills of grass barefooted, and come back smelling like dogs.


And then there’s me. Quiet, yet full of wisdom and curiosity. Constantly examining the beauty of the natural world through adventure. I’m up for the craziest things, as long as my family is by my side. We’re a pack. And I’m happy, grateful to have such a great family near me. They’re literally everything I could’ve wished for, but I hope nothing changes. I hope, because I’m worried. No, I’m scared. I don’t want them to change. I want to make us last forever.