Tankas – Poetry Friday


young blood


Youth; us kids that roam

the streets like stray cats, prowling.

Slip through the crisp dusk,

grainy silhouettes traced, smudged

on the forsaken sidewalk.



seeping away


Gleaming eyes; shiver.

Silence, a bitter absence.

Ready to crumble

Locked: broken past, torn future

Past, like a house of frail cards.





roads, traced on the map,

carved into the earth’s frail skin;

like tattoos, painful.

Wheels grind the pebbles beneath.

Wanderlust. Thirsty heart. Drive.



raw nights


Shadows: witnesses

of our presence; company.

Our eyes like candles,

Guiding us through the brisk night.

Pristine air, fresh, almost sweet…


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