Starting Somewhere (new)

Day 5

20th of October – 6 pm

Sitting on my bed


I have talked a lot about Katherine and her family lately, but I forgot to mention one member. Well, I might’ve mentioned him briefly, but not in detail. I thought it was about time you guys would know about Oliver, the sweetest and cutest puppy in Lousiana.


Even before I went to Lousiana, I knew he would be a cuddly pup who I could sit with.


To start off with, I love the name, Oliver. I love names that start with O, in general. Oscar, Owen, Oakley, Ollie, Olive, Otto, and many, many more (I just didn’t want to list them all, because you would end up reading a paragraph of names).


But this is what he looks like:


He’s literally a walking cloud. His white curly fur coats him like a warm blanket. His paws are pillows of cotton. His ears are strands of silk woven together. His tummy is as soft as marshmallows and feathers.



Oliver greets me every day when I get home from school as if he hadn’t seen me in a week. Well, the thing is, maybe he does think it’s a week because dogs don’t have any sense of time except for day and night time. When I came home, even before I opened the door, you could hear him bark and whimper quietly. He knows it’s not allowed, yet he takes the risk just to show his presence, in case we miss a fluffy white ball of joy jumping at our feet, you know?


If you want a:

  • small
  • playful
  • sweet
  • clean
  • shed-free
  • non-aggressive
  • watchdog


Then a Bichon Frise is the right dog for you. Plus, these dogs are great with other pets. They are very respectful when it comes to personal space and these dogs won’t beg for attention which many other dogs tend to do. On top of all this, these dogs have a lifespan of 12-15 years, which is old for the average dog.


Anyway back to Oliver. When I came home he would sniff my legs and his wet nose would brush against my skin, tickling me. As I bent down, he would jump up on my lap and lick my face. Of course, I allowed him to, otherwise, Oliver wouldn’t do it.


I would then go to my room, Oliver following me like a white shadow. As I dumped my bag onto my bed, Oliver would patiently wait next to me. I patted the bed loudly, so Oliver could hear, and I exclaimed, “Come on boy!” He then jumps up onto the bed and finds just the right spot where he then decides to lie down.


“Oliver is like a vampire,” Katherine’s dad told me last night while watching tv, “He won’t come up onto your lap or couch or bed, without you inviting him. Just like vampires can’t come in your house unless you invite them in.”



I got ready for bed that night. I laid there in silence, waiting for the magic to happen and to take me off my feet. Suddenly, I heard someone or something at my door. Still, in shock of the noise, I laid there, too afraid to get out of bed. It was like a scratching and whining noise like a … cat would make. No, not a cat.


I waited to make sure it wasn’t just me. I heard it again. Yeh, it was outside my door and it was louder this time. “Hello?” I pronounced with uncertainty. Nothing. Just the scratching stopped. Then whatever was outside, whines again. Wait, it’s Oliver, I realized. I get out of bed feeling blind because of the pitch-dark room. I struggled to find the light, but once I turned it on I squint and rub as if I could clean out all the light that had just entered my eyes a second ago. I looked at my watch to check the time before I opened the door. Midnight? I hadn’t slept at all.


I inched forward to the door. As I opened the door gingerly, I peeked outside to triple check it was Oliver. I looked down and just what I expected: A cotton bundle of joy whimpering.


Oliver squeezed through the door as I sighed with a smile on my face. “Silly,” I told him as I closed the door behind me. He just looked at me with his cheerful face and warm eyes convincing me he didn’t understand what I had said. “Come on then,” I whispered as I invited him onto my bed. He jumped up and sniffed around a little like dogs do. As I made my way over to the light, I yawn. My eyes watered and for a second I was so tired I barely remembered what I was doing.


I struggled to get into bed in the dark, but I finally did. Oliver then snuggled up close. At that moment I wished I had a dog more than anything else. I wanted a dog to sleep with and cuddle with every night. A dog to make me feel comfortable and safer than ever before.


As I closed my eyelids, Oliver found his way next to me. He made himself comfortable and had come up next to my legs. He placed his head on top of my leg and that night I was pretty sure I slept with a grin on my face.



Oliver that night:



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