Chocolate Thief


Maybe I did eat that last piece of chocolate on the top shelf of the fridge. Maybe I did it deliberately. Maybe it was a mistake. We all have habits and do things that bother our siblings, right? Ok. So, I did eat that Milk Oreo Chocolate that we all had such a fond of, and, in fact, it was the best piece of creamy sweetness I had ever had in my entire life.


At first no one noticed I was in the kitchen, not even my parents, because I was as stealthy as a fox. I crept into the room, carefully placing my feet in a well-thought out path that avoided all objects. I was lucky everyone was busy doing work and listening to music. As I walked passed the sitting room, I scanned the empty kitchen eagerly. I looked on the shelves, in the cupboards, and on the table. Nope, nothing worth eating.

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I will eat certain foods when I’m in a certain mood. Kind of like a matching game, you know? When I come home from doing sports, I always feel like eating fruit. When I come home tired I’ll eat something simple and quick. When I’m starving I tend to eat a bowl of cereal, and when I’m too stuffed to even think of food, I just drink a glass of fresh milk. Occasionally, though, I will be in a very cheerful and hyper mood, and that’s when I eat toast with butter and chocolate sprinkles. Yes, that’s a thing, and you should seriously try it sometime.

That day when I came home it felt like an exception, you know? Like one of those days that you feel on top of the world. Like one of those scenes in the movies where everyone is happy and nothing can go wrong. Like when you sit down to do your homework, but you realise you already finished it. That’s exactly what I felt like: as if nothing or no one could ruin my day. I almost felt like rewarding myself for being such a great person (don’t ask me why).

Anyway, I snuck into the kitchen and my next instinct told me to go look in the fridge to see what tasty snacks the cold closet would offer me. As I outlined the objects that lay before me, my mind pointed out a piece of chocolate wrapped in a plastic wrapping with five clear letters on it: MILKA. Now, if you’re asking yourself what in the world MILKA is, you got to be joking right? Tie a ribbon around your finger and read this: MILKA is the best chocolate you’ll ever try in your life. It’s almost to die for.

So basically, I snuck the very last piece of MILKA chocolate into my room and ate it myself. Go ahead and call me selfish, but I’ve only done it once and I feel bad for what I did. Luckily they never found out, but when they do… who knows how they’ll react.


One Reply to “Chocolate Thief”

  1. Amaia, your work is amazing, I really understood what you were trying to explain. I felt like I was in the heart if the story the whole time. Your hot links are very good for those who don’t understand what Milka and toast butter and chocolate sprinkles. The story as a whole extremely engaging and there was suspense, and mistery all the time as if they were going to catch you or not. The only thing you can improve on is the title, but overall the work is perfect.


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